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AAA Canada is an on-site manufacturing business that offers specialized subcontracting and technical assistance services for industrialization, production and supplier monitoring processes in the aerospace and transportation sectors. With over 1’000 workers, AAA Canada operates at client sites across the country, mainly in Quebec and Ontario.
Supported by the international expertise of the AAA Group, they offer customers the benefit of a proven approach to deliver a high-quality finished product.

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AAA Aerospace USA works on the customer’s site and offers specialized subcontracting Aerospace services as shown below.

Their solutions are tailored to the OEM’s needs and their Tier 1 customers providing greater flexibility and reduced costs due to their existing capabilities to transfer and balance workforce according to the needs and priorities of their customers.

Headquartered in Southern USA (Mobile, Alabama) and with operations in Texas, Kansas, South Carolina, Idaho and Washington.

AAA de Mexico is a subsidiary of the group AAA, with its headquarters in Querétaro and under the direct management of AAA Canada.