For People :

values-women-aaaeroWorkplace Health and Safety : The safety of our employees is, and has always been, our number one priority. We provide equipment and trainings to every employee to ensure their safety and good health everywhere, from the production lines and workshops to the office.

Personal Development and Learning : Each person is as unique as what they can bring to the company and what they learn from it, and we foster the personal development of each one by continuously sharing the working experiences and learning from successes and mistakes.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity : We are dedicated to the idea that diversity is the breeding ground for innovation and personal development within any community, and we create an environment of equal opportunities, accessible workplaces and tolerance accordingly.


For Customers :

Trust and Reliability : We are committed to be a trustworthy and reliable partner for the success of our customers and, since 1990, we proudly supply and provide services to major aircraft and sub-parts manufacturers, year after year and aircraft after aircraft.

Reactivity and Adaptability : We built our success on both our capacity to provide immediate answers to our customers and to adjust efficiently our workforce. Via custom-built and flexible workpackages, customers can monitor our service according to their needs.

Globally Local : With subsidiaries and industrial partners all around the world, we provide on-site services by setting up teams of local workers supported by international experts and managers, appointed from our headquarters.


For Aerospace Quality :

values-control-aaaeroQualification of Workforce : The quality excellence of the aerospace industry relies in the hands and minds of skilled workers. Working with rigorous competency management and monitoring tools, we ensure our employees are continuously trained to the most advanced industrial methods.

Quality Management System : To meet customer quality requirements, our Quality Department oversees all of our industrial operations in accordance with our strict Quality Management System, approved by the ISO 9001 and EN/AS/JISQ 9100 certifications.

Afaq_9001      afaq_9100



Certifications and Audits : Aside from the EN/AS/JISQ 9100 and ISO 9001, we applied to, and received, many quality approvals over the years to support our customers under any local regulation. We also comply with more than 40 customer audits performed every year to ensure their trust.