Results 2019 AAA on measurement remuneration differences between men and women

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Like every year, indicators on the pay gap between women and men and the actions implemented to eliminate them [C. trav., art. L. 1142-8] must be published by companies.
The indicators are expressed in number of points.
Businesses must take corrective action as soon as they do not reach 75 out of 100 points.
AAA has a score of 85/100 for the year 2019.

Equal remuneration for men and women => note = 35/40
Equal individual rate of increase for men and women => note = 20/20
Equal promotion rates for men and women => note = 15/15
Note for the individual increases granted in 2018 following the return from maternity leave taken in 2017 => note = 15/15
Employees of the sex underrepresented among the 10 + highest paid (1/10) => note = 0/10