Results 2018 AAA on measurement remuneration differences between men and women

The Professional Future Act of 2018 requires the employer to publish annual indicators on pay gaps between women and men and the actions taken to eliminate them [C. trav., art. L. 1142-8].
The indicators are expressed in number of points.
Companies must take corrective action as soon as they do not reach 75 points out of 100.
In line with its proactive HR policy, AAA posted a score of 89/100 for the year 2018 and will continue this year its efforts to try to catch up the points behind.
Equal remuneration men women => rating = 39/40
Equal rates of increase individual men and women => score = 20/20
Equal promotion rates for men and women => score = 15/15
Note for individual increases granted in 2018 following the return of maternity leave taken in 2017 => score = 15/15
Underrepresented sex workers among the 10 + high earnings (1/10) => rating = 0/10

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