Manufacturing Engineering & Industrialization Services

For over 20 years, AAA has been supporting its main customers (AIRBUS, DASSAULT, STELIA, BOMBARDIER and more) in their industrial challenges by providing manufacturing engineering services all along the manufacturing process cycle, from industrialization to integration and tests.

As such, we have closely participated to the evolution of the manufacturing engineering function within the plants of the major aircraft manufacturers. With a total capacity of more than 800 experimented Manufacturing Engineers, all around our several implantations, we are driving more than 100 major projects to success.

Thanks to our Project Management expertise, we handle transnational projects committing on timeframe as well as quality results.

– Capability –

New products Industrialization

  • Feasibility Study
  • Jigs & Tools needs study
  • Industrial Process Design
  • Routings /Job Cards creation
  • Quality and Tests Instruction
  • Times and skills definition
  • Production Planning Mgt
  • Configuration Mgt,
  • Risks and Maturity Mgt
  • Standard Line Balancing
  • Shop Floor Support
  • Non-conformities treatment
  • Outstanding Works Mgt

Supply chain strategy & transfers of work

  • Supply Chain Def Study
  • Define conditions of supply
  • Suppliers Capacities assessment
  • Logistics strategy
  • Manage Industrial transfers – TOW :
    • Support FAI/LAI Process
    • Define tools transfers
    • Define new processes
  • Implement new teams

Industrial improvements

  • Analyze recurrent issues
  • End to end problems solving
  • Industrial Maturity Analysis
  • Process/Time optimization
  • Lean analysis
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Stations Layout Improvement
  • Standard Line Balancing


AAA Training Center, composed of ME experts, proposes the following training courses:

  • Work Preparation
  • Shop Floor Support
  • Industrial Transfer
  • Special Processes
  • Lean /VSM

– Reliability –




EN/AS/JISQ 9100 v2009


ISO 9001 v2009


 Project Management

 Manufacturing Engineers

 Shop Floor Supports

 Technical Coordinators

 Process/Time Optimizers

 Supply Chain Experts

 Configuration Managers

 Customer Representatives

 Industrial Performance & Lean Experts

 Machining / Forming / Profiling

 Surface Treatment


 Structure Assembly

 Mechanics / Electrics

 Systems & Cabin integration

 Flight Tests Installations

 Inspections and tests procedures

 Painting Operations

 Flight Line procedures

 Maintenance Procedures


Manufacturing Engineering Training

  • Configuration Management
  • Industrial Processes
  • Planning and Line Balancing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Aerospace Regulations
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Configuration Management
  • Manufacturing Time Measurement (MTM)

IT tools

  • Specific IT Tools of our customers
  • SAP
  • MTM TiCon

Complementary training

  • FOD Awareness Training
  • Tutoring Training
  • Special Processes
  • Safety and human factors
  • Team Management

– Efficiency –

Worldwide presence for global customer assistance

Wide expertise in Industrialization working for major A/C Manufacturers

Custom-built projects via workpackage management

Mixed work on site/off site with best cost solutions

Flexible organization regarding schedule and functional deadlines

Flexible organization regarding schedule and functional deadlines