A wide range of competencies for our service offers

Distribution of our operational workforce per expertise

13% Operational management : Team leaders, aircraft managers, project managers.

7% Manufacturing in our plants : fitters, assembly, aerostructure, composites.

28% Industrialization : production engineers, technical supports, logistics and supply chain.

17% Quality : quality inspectors, NDT agents, quality conformance managers.

35% Production & maintenance : mechanics, electricians, fitters, flight line, aircraft interiors.

A qualified and continuously trained workforce

AAA takes pride in its employees and their skills, and our main objective is to ensure the best environment to develop those skills around the world, through qualifications, trainings and collaborative practice:

  • Qualifications: The high level of competencies and rigor required by the aerospace industry is an everyday commitment for AAA. We continuously control the qualifications of our workforce in many aspect of aerospace activities and we comply without delay to new requirements, from international agencies such as the EASA, FAA or CAAP to specific requirements from our customers.
  • Trainings: Aerospace sector relies on many cutting-edge technologies, and it is our responsibility to train our employees to those new industrial methods, products and know-hows as much as the traditional ones. It is the task of AAA Training Center (see Departments) to set up training sessions according to the local needs identified by the HR department.
  • Collaborative practice: AAA strongly believes in the traditional industrial method of tutoring, each new employee get to learn from an experienced tutor in aerospace activities, giving them the good practices early in their careers. But collaborative practice does not stop here, and AAA gives the opportunity to people to share their competencies and experiences through national or international mobility, setting up well-balanced teams for anyone to learn from others and develop global knowledge, including with our customers.