Out Standing Works & Out Located Works Services

Aerostructure, system and equipment suppliers provide their constituent assemblies to aircraft manufacturers at their facilities. Once delivered, the constituent assembly may be subject to modification, rework or assistance. Out Standing Works (OSW) can be performed either by a constituent assembly manufacturer or by aircraft manufacturer, which may cause disturbance in the nominal and lean workflow of a final assembly line.

As your partner, AAA positions as an expert on this kind of non-serial activity. We support you, wherever and whenever your needs are while preserving the efficiency of your organizations. Our expertise led us to develop specific management and monitoring tools, interactive reports, organizations and way of working, all able to fit the configurations of either new or ongoing programs.

For more than 25 years, AAA has progressively developed a workpackage approach to meet aerospace industry increasing requirements. With a worldwide presence, close to our major customers’ facilities, we are able to perform all kind of structural, mechanical, electrical and cabin activities within assembly lines.

This is possible thanks to our skilled locally-based teams all over the world. Our deliverables are managed through milestones, quality gates, return on experience and corrective action plans, mirrored to aircraft manufacturer environment. Thanks to these assets, AAA will provide best cost, product quality and on time efficiency.

– Capability –

Electrical activity

  • Wiring modification
  • Connections
  • Electrical equipment and test
  • Cable repair for all type of cable (copper, aluminium, coax, quadrax, optic fiber)

Mechanical / system activity

  • Engine & nacelle
  • Pylon
  • APU
  • Wheels
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Doors & windows rigging
  • Landing gear
  • All type of systems supported (fuel, hydraulics, oxygen, wated, air conditionning, anemometric)

Structural activity

  • Fuselage,
  • Cockpit
  • Wings
  • Empennage
  • Primary and secondary structure, new part installation or modification (boring R1-R2-upon design solution, spar, beam, ribs, frame, stringer, seat track, panel, leading edge)


  • Seats
  • Monuments
  • Floor to floor (dado, window, ceiling panels)
  • Hatracks
  • Cargo, cockpit, door frame linings

– Reliability –

Depending on your needs, AAA may implement these following skills separately or altogether in the framework of a dedicated workpackage

Skills and Qualifications

Production support

  • Work Order preparation
  • Technical assistance and investigation
  • Internal and external coordination and reporting
  • Management of performance through quality gates and milestones
  • Logistical management (ordering, flow management, production control)
  • Corrective actions and continuous improvement

Quality Inspectors

  • Visual inspection
  • Non destructive tests (MT/UT/PT)
  • Continuous improvement
  • Correction actions
  • Modification management
  • Recurrence analysis and process modification



wiring, harness routing, harness modification, connection, continuity test


fuel, hydraulics, oxygen, flight controls, air conditioning and bleed pipes, water, fire  extinguisher, water/waste


primary and secondary structure on fuselage, wings, cockpit, empennage


  • FOD
  • Damage awareness
  • Composite environment
  • SAP modules
  • Zone access management
  • Tutoring
  • Management training


Master Supplier Agreement as tier 1 with Airbus for aerostructure activities and capability to subcontract to tier 2 partners


EN/AS/JISQ 9100 v2009


ISO 9001 v2009




– Efficiency –

Our assets

Worldwide presence for global customer assistance

Custom-built workpackages with multi-functional teams

Flexible organization regarding schedule and functional deadlines

Customer representative within customers’ facility

End to end project management